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Fields of studies

Types of courses and degrees:

I cycle degree

Bachelor Program

The Bachelor’s studies the three-year undergraduate programme is divided into six semesters. The first year of studies is dominated by courses providing general knowledge in economics, mathematics, computer studies, sociology etc. The second year covers the subjects which emphasise developing knowledge and practical skills.
A four-week student training is obligatory for all students after the second year. The third year is mostly devoted to subjects connected with a chosen specialization and writing a final thesis depicting a student’s work effort in acquiring the knowledge of a chosen specialisation.

Bachelor of Engineering Program

Bachelor of Engineering studies the three and a half-year programme are divided into (7 semesters). In the first stage of the studies students obtain knowledge of basic sciences. The second stageincludes subjects connected with the field of study.

II cycle degree

Master Program

The two-year graduate Master Program is divided into four semesters. Courses featured in this program are split into two categories: core (the first two semesters) and specialization courses.During the 3rd semester studentstheir choose specializations. Each student has to prepare his individual MSc thesis and discuss it before the examination board. Knowledge of two foreign languages and the ability to use the learned tools efficiently in practice are the additional advantages on the labormarket.


III cycle degree

Doctoral Program


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