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English philology


The aim of study is to prepare professionals having the advanced knowledge and skills to work effectively in multicultural environment using English in different contexts. Agraduate of English possesses the knowledge in the field of: linguistics, literary theory, British and American literature, the history of English language, grammar, the methodology of teaching foreign languages, psychology and pedagogy. Our graduates possess the practical skills in English in various social contexts, free expression of opinions, advocating  opinions, the use of specialist  language inherent in professional life, the use of academic English, proper text editing, constant development in language learning and teaching. Candidates can choose between 3 specialties:

  • English Philology –Translation specialty,
  • English Philology – Business English,
  • English Philology with the second language (German, Spanish or Russian).

Students can choose classes on specialized terminology including medicine, law, technology etc. As part of English Philology programme, students can use 30 ECTS to have classes from second foreign language, other linguistic modules or workshops. The whole studies are delivered as a practical course with the use of active teaching methods and classes, led by professional academic staff including experienced interpreters, tutors and linguists.



Type of studies




  • Translation
  • English philology and German language (teacher’s specialty)
  • English philology and Spanish language
  • English philology and Russian language



I cycle education

Full time studies

Part time studies

6 semesters









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