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Conference topics

Safe Europe – diagnosis and forecast


The conference is aimed to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of theoretical research on safety and its threats as well as in the field of practical aspects of cooperation on security and combating threats.

A wide range of topics covering all aspects of security identified in the modern world is not only to facilitate cognitively interesting debate, but also to elaborate new solutions in the field of threat prevention and combating.



Thematic areas :

  • Security and its variations - theoretical background
  • The paradigms of security research
  • Determinants of security
  • The dynamics of changes to threats of the modern world. The nature of contemporary crises and security threats
  • Security at global, regional and local level. Structural and personal security- selected perspectives
  • Contemporary and prospective security environment for Poland, Europe and the world
  • Terrorism and its forms. New forms of conflict (asymmetric, crawling, hybrid, etc.)
  • Migration crisis and its implications for Europe and Poland
  • Operations of public services and institutions in the provision of security and public order and crisis management
  • Education for security
  • Security in the normative documents

Session I. The areas of security research and theoretical analysis 

Session II. Asymmetric threats - nature, scale and probable directions of development 

Session III. Security in special type enterprises, systemic approach to crisis intervention. Mass accident in mining plant. Session hosted by Katowice Coal Holding JSC 

Session V. Modern education for security



Organizers of the conference reserve the right to introduce minor changes in sessions planned after analysis of the applications received. The final agenda of the conference will be published on the website not later than one week before the event begins.


Papers presented at the conference will be included in a revied monograph which will be published in Polish language.



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