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Science and Research

University of Dąbrowa Górnicza funds individual and team research of young researchers from the scholarship fund. The research is the basis for doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations and for research publications.

On 1 October 2010 the Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Social Sciences of the Academy of Business was awarded with B category in the group N5 – economic sciences.

Currently the following research projects are being conducted:
"The concept of ethics in management processes"

"The continuity of the business operations. Quantum cryptography - quantum distribution of a key"

"Actions and networks of actions taken by a student and a teacher in the pre-school and school education - the structure and cognitive, educational and upbringing functions"

"Stress in the life of a student and teacher"

"Basics of competitiveness analysis"

"Differentiating the ways of managing innovation in Polish industrial companies"

"The theory of controlling company processes"

"Application of the rough set theory to approximation of the insulin dosage for new incidences of diabetes on the basis of similar cases (Case Base Reasoning)"

"Refugees – the political asylum and the refugee status in Poland after 1945 - analysis and evaluation"

"Sustainable business models in creating value of a socially responsible organization - Phase II"

"The dynamic development of business models monitored by financial and non-financial performance measures in the process of creating a company value”

"Social adaptation centres in Poland in the years 1970-1990"

"Educational values of computer games designed for early-school children"

"Personality determinants of leadership in human resources management -  Part 1. The importance of selected personal predispositions in shaping the model of leadership "

"Public and private narrations. Sociological analysis of the relationship between public and private spheres "

"Multimedia workshop of the early school education teacher"

" Waste management"

"The impact of the selection of financing sources on effectiveness of investment project in business management"

"The role of methods of achieving high availability and resistance to faults of IP protocol- based systems and networks in maintaining continuity of systems migrated to IPv6"

"Management of alliance networks"

"The role of selected social and individual factors and contemporary education of youth in the light of theory and practice"

"Energy security of the country and the consistency of strategic management processes of the fuel sector with the development strategy of Poland - Part II"

"The role of brand and decisions by consumers of services"

"Professional strategies of promoting cultural character. Marketing and discursive aspects of the invented tradition phenomenon "

"The education labour market of the Province of Silesia and the borderland. The social and economic dimension "

"A method of decision trees and analysis of real options in the processes of evaluating economic efficiency of energy projects"

Research projects funded by the National Science Centre and the National Centre of Research and Development include:

"Between tradition of the Roms and European governance. Emic and etic perspectives in the discursive articulation of cultural demands of the Polish Roms in the European Union " 


“Mechanisms of assessing activity of computer system users and detecting threats in maintaining continuity of work”

 “Public-private partnership as a tool of the effective implementation of public tasks”

“The precedent in the Anglo-Saxon legal system”

“The role of clusters in shaping the policy of sustainable development”

“Customer loyalty in the mobile phone market in terms of customer relationship management”

“Educational and professional aspirations of vocational secondary school students and the fulfillment of the labour market needs in the context of the National Development Strategy.”


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