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WSB University, founded in 1995, has several years of experience in educating students, conducting research and co-operating with state economy. Along with doing research, WSB University is teaching students according to the educational challenges of the modern the world. The study programs are constantly being updated and broadened, aiming especially at interdisciplinarity and internationalization. The University is increasing the number of various ways and modes of studying and provides students with the possibility of organizing their own individual schedules. The University, being present on the local, state and international level, ensures the excellence in the quality of a diploma and provides wide and unrestricted access to knowledge.


With about 8 000 students and nearly 300 employees, WSB University offers bachelor, master, bachelor in engineering, doctorate and postgraduate programs.



Participation in the EU and other international and research projects in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme, ERASMUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS has grown into multilateral joint agreements with universities in many European countries and Asia. WSB University has about 350 bilateral cooperation agreements with overseas universities, both from European and non-European countries.


The mission of WSB University the developing and spreading economic, social and informatics issues. Trying to meetthe requirements of the contemporary labour market, the University educates students who will be able to cope with the challenges of the modern world, manage information and have initiative.

WSB University an important cultural centre that organizes symposiums and discussions and inviting guests who analyse and explain problems, bring knowledge closer and help in cross-cultural communication.


The intensive education at WSB University is assured by: knowledge, experience and skills of highly qualified scientific – academic staff. Furthermore, The University co-operates with business sector, including of the biggest Polish employers whose management staff participate in the process of creating study programs as well as take part in conducting classes.





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