Conference problem areas

Innovation management in an organization, economy, UE and in the world

-       Global view on innovativeness (Poland’s position on the world’s innovativeness map,  innovations in the UE economic strategy)
-       Innovative methods of management in companies and in the administration
-       New concepts in the science and in the management practice
-       Regional strategies of innovations (coordination of innovative processes in a region and the country)

Creativity, innovativeness, entrepreneurship as a theoretical problem and the research area

-       Creativity, innovativeness, entrepreneurship in an organization/company strategy
-       New view on the role of management in an economic activity
-       Business innovation models, eco-innovativeness
-       Models of a learning and an innovative organization
-       Social context of innovativeness
-       Innovativeness in a process of increasing the companies competitiveness

Potential of an innovative company (creating a company innovation capacity)

-        Innovation inspirations (staff creativity, an organization creative predispositions, a role of a manager’s competences, innovation teams, involving staff in innovation processes)
-        Pro-active attitude to an innovation
-        Innovation barriers, opportunities and threats, resistance to innovations
-        Supporting creativity and innovativeness
-        Sources of innovations financing

Innovativeness – cause and effect of entrepreneurship

-       Innovativeness of small and medium enterprises vs. a possibility of creating new work places
-       Entrepreneurship as an innovative action stimulation factor of small and medium enterprises (innovativeness of small and medium enterprises)
-       Creating the innovation environment for small and medium enterprises
-       Determinants of a company growth (tools, areas, barriers and manifestations)
-       Growth of the small and medium enterprises sector activities (conditions, supporting instruments)
-       Entrepreneurship: local, staff/intra-entrepreneurship, unemployed, intellectual, academic, organizational, pro-active leadership
-       Creating the entrepreneurial potential of organizations, schools, higher education institutions
-       Successes and defeats of entrepreneurship
-       Entrepreneurship support


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