Conference topics and objectives


International Scientific Conference „Innovations and entrepreneurship. Theory and practice.”

In the period of the last years, the business environment awareness of the key role of the innovation in the creation of companies and their success grows. Moreover, the necessity of more balanced innovativeness matching economic, ecological and social aspects reaches the broad recognition. These challenges combined with the limited internal resources, the high risk and the complex and intensified social networking in the framework of innovativeness and entrepreneurship should force decedents and other stakeholders to stimulate and provide the necessary means for innovativeness and entrepreneurship.

The conference objective is the review of achievements in the field of innovations and entrepreneurship as well as a discussion on current problems of innovations and entrepreneurship. It is a chance to exchange opinions and an inspiration to further creative searching.

The integral part of the conference is the PhDs Panel consisting of workshops, meetings and discussions for PhDs. The panel is a forum that let present research programs and results of conducted research.


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