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Dear Students,



We would like to inform you that in order to undertake preventive measures against the spread of SARS-CoV2 virus, the Rector of WSB University has decided to extend the suspension period for all in-presence teaching activities at WSB University until 10th April in all branch campuses and didactic units of WSB University.



WSB University will make every effort to enable students, doctoral students and post-graduate students to complete the entire curriculum planned for this semester and achieve the assumed learning outcomes.


Therefore, we are preparing to conduct classes partly on-line and in the form of e-learning via educational platforms.


Please check the messages via the Virtual University and e-mail, where detailed information on this matter will be posted.



More information on any further restrictions on the functioning of the university during the coronavirus outbreak will be included in the relevant orders of the Rector of AWSB



We will keep you updated on the details of any further actions in the form of messages on the University homepage, via email and Virtual Dean's Office.



In case of any inquiries, please contact:



Let’s unite and fight the coronavirus!



In the coming days, we must do everything to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Poland. Hence, the extensive government activities - such as suspension of classes at schools and universities, closing nursery schools and crèches, cancellation of mass events. This is possible thanks to the special Act on counteracting the coronavirus.


However, remember that a lot depends on you!


• Avoid human gatherings and if you can, work from home.

• Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and do not touch your face unnecessarily.

• React to other people`s inappropriate behaviour!


All necessary and reliable information can be found at: gov.pl/koronawirus.


If you have the symptoms typical of the coronavirus, call the nearest sanitary and epidemiological station or the National Health Service Hotline at: 800 190 590.


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