Junior Researcher’s Panel

On the second day of the Conference the special session called “the JunioResearcher’s Panel” will take place. The participants of doctoral studies and doctoral seminars, academic staff and masters of all academic centers are welcome to take part. The exchange of opinions of scientists from various international academic environments is the objective of the conference. The innovatory form of discussions as well as the broadly understood innovativeness will show new approaches on apparently well known problems. We invite to submit papers in the scope of chosen thematic fields: 

Organizing the Junior Researcher’s Panel, we want to create a new space for the free exchange of views and knowledge concerning innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the social and economic development. 

The PhDs’ session will start with the Experts’ Panel. The specialists dealing with innovation and entrepreneurship problems both in the scientific and practical approach are invited to participate. The thematic discussion panels connected with basic perspectives and dimensions of conference issues are planned to be run. 

Submitted positively reviewed papers will be published in conference publications.


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