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Cultural Management

The Project is financed under the agreement 892_/P-DUN/2018 by the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education allocated to the activities disseminating science.



Market transformations, developments within technology and civilisation as well as the globalization of consumption and its virtualization have caused substantial changes in functioning of the market subjects such as the institutions of culture. The most significant among the aforementioned changes, namely the privatization of the sector of culture, is manifested among others in forwarding the majority of public institutions of culture under the governance of local authorities. The state is no longer the exclusive administrator and patron of culture, as a result of which its contribution to financing this type of institutions has clearly decreased. On the other hand, the contribution of other sectors has risen – mainly of the local government units as well non-governmental (non profit) sector. The market economy rules are implemented in the conditions of the state budget crisis and still very limited opportunities for extra-budgetary financing of culture. Therefore the institutions of culture have to face an extremely difficult situation, since the rapid changes are not reflected in the legal-economic system, within which the managers of culture in Poland have to operate. However, such difficult situation may be also perceived as a challenge for searching new solutions commensurate to the 21st century. 



The conference shall constitute the forum for knowledge exchange. It is addressed to the representatives of both academic and business environment: academic staff, managers of culture, people employed in the institutions of culture, animators of culture, impresarios, individual artists pursuing their creativity, as well as students and people who are interested in the modern concepts of management in culture.


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