Living in Poland

Cost of living in Poland
Approximately € 100 per month for food, if you cook by yourself. Eating out is more expensive. You need some money for books and writing materials. Personal expenditure: about € 50 per month including leisure activities such as cinema (ticket price € 5).
Current average rate of currency: you can find on web site of the Polish National Bank:
Currency exchange: if you wish to exchange Euro (or other currency) into PLN can do it at exchange agencias at border crossings, airports, railway stations, hotels, shopping centers, called KANTOR.
There are many banks in Poland. usually open Monday toFriday, 9 a.m. to 6p.m. You can open an account in Poland (usually only passport is needed) or get money directly from the account in your home country using a cash machines. If you decide to open a bank account in Poland and you do not speak Polish, we would advise you to ask a Polish colleague to accompany you.
In the Academy’s building there is a cafeteria Amigo where one can buy beverages, sandwiches, sweets and some hot meals. The price of lunch is approximately 10 PLN.

Where to sleep?
Longer stay in Poland:  apply for a student dormitory (about 100 Euro / monthly per person) - or rent a private room. The academy staff will help you to find some accommodation. If you want to find your accommodation yourself, check online service centres:,

Local and transport:
How to travel?

Considering an excellent location of Dąbrowa Górnicza, you can to see commute easily the most interesting places in the region and country. The driveway to Katowice takes about 30 minutes, to Cracow, 1 hour, to Warsaw, 2.5 hours and to the Polish Baltic Sea (famous city - Gdańsk), about 8 hours.

Locally, buses and trams are the best means of transport. The detailed timetables and a price list forthe bus and tram tickets are accessible on website

If you want to take longer trips, the best mean of transport is a train. The fastest railway is the intercity service both domestic and international connections. Timetables and price lists are available on website. However, the Polish National Railways offer cheaper tickets for so called "pospieszny" (fast train) - price lists and timetables are available on a website. It is possible to get a timetable via sms. In order to get some information about the 5 approaching connections e.g. from Gdańsk to Cracow after 10.15 a.m., you need to send an sms : Gdansk do Krakow Głowny 1015. (without any Polish signs) on 71757.

Direct railway connection to:

  • Warszawa, capital city (distance 270 km);
  • Katowice, (distance 20 km); 
  • Łódź, (distance 180 km); 
  • Częstochowa, (distance 69 km); 
  • Gdańsk, (distance 618 km);
  • Wrocław (distance 190 km)

Students of the Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza are entitled to a price ticket discount for the regional and domestic transport, on the basis of the student identification card, issued by the Academy.

Approximately € 20 is a monthly payment for the local transport (bus/tram). Taxi is more expensive: about € 20  from Dąbrowa Górnicza to Katowice.

In the international communication, the fastest and usually the cheapest mean of transport is a plane.You need 30 minutes by bus to get to the Pyrzowice Katowice airport from Dąbrowa Górnicza and about1 hour to get the Cracow Balice airport. The detailed price list and a flight schedule are accessible on a website of cheap carriers:,,

Airport in the vicinity of Dąbrowa Górnicza:
• Katowice - Pyrzowice Airport (distance 24 km);
• Kraków - Balice Airport (distance 70 km);

In Dabrowa Gornicza and the area there are many stores, shops and shopping malls. The opening hours may vary but most shops are open from 10.00 a.m. till 06.00 p.m.. Supermarkets are usually open from 10.00a.m. till 10.00 p.m. at weekdays and till 08.00 pm. at weekends.

Where to eat?
Studying at the Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza, you can eat atthe AMIGO 2001 student club and canteen, which prepares meals 7 days a week (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There are also numerous restaurants to choose from (,,,,,

Where to entertain?
In the "Pogoria" shopping centre (5 minutes on foot from the Academy) you can do your shopping (,visit a haidresser and cosmetic salons, watch a good film in the HELIOS cinema ( and also have a meal at the restaurants (,, 

The Palace of Culture in Dąbrowa Górnicza is th venue of cultural activities ( Such as concerts, theatre performances of artists, both national and foreign. Ther is also the “Sztygarka” City Museum ( and the City Library (

Basic costs and tourist information offices:

Polish specialities and eating habits
There are some dishes you must taste in Poland:

Polish cuisine has elements taken from the cooking traditions of many national groups that lived in the country side by side for centuries, notably the Jews, Ukrainians, Belarussians and Lithuanians. There are also some Russian, German, Czech and Austrian influences as well as dishes from more distant regions: Italy, France and the Middle East.
We have traditional dishes, such as schabowy (a pork chop), bigos (cabbage served with vegetables and traditional meat stew, typical of Polish and Lithuanian cuisine that many consider the Polish national dish), gołąbki (chopped pork and rice wrapped up in a cabbage leaf, then cooked in the tomato sauce) or pierogi (pockets with mushrooms, meat or fruit); we also eat salads and vegetables.
For breakfast we usually have cereals, tea, coffee or milk, yoghurt, toast, sometimes sandwiches or scrambled eggs. Many people have lunch in the early afternoon. Dinner, served in the late afternoon, is the main meal. Salads, potatoes, rice or pasta with meat. A piece of cake or fruit is a good dessert as well as traditional Polish  doughnuts (Polish: pączki) or Polish gingerbread (Polish: pierniki) from Toruń.
Eating out - Cities have a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs, and fast foods places. Some restaurants specialize in national cuisine - Polish, Italian, French, Chinese and so on. Vegetarians will find good restaurants as well. Cafes, apart from tea and coffee, offer cakes and other sweet desserts.


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