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Area 312 thousand km²
Number of inhabitants 39 mln people
The Vistula River Wisła 1047 km
The highest mountain Rysy 2499 m over the sea level
The biggest lake The Śniardwy Lake
The biggest island Wolin
Population density 119 person/km²
The birth rate 0,1%
Population division 64% city, 36% village
Average life expectancy 73 years
Currency 1 złoty = 100 groszy
Gross domestic product 3900$
Official language Polish
Main religion Christian
The state head President
Inflation 1,5%
Unemployment rate 19,2%



Poland is situated in the eastern part of Central Europe. It shares land borders with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad District). The northern border, as long as 440 kilometres, is the Baltic Sea coast line.

Poland is subdivided into sixteen administrative regions known as voivodeships. If compared to other European countries, Poland is homogenous as regards nationality. It is estimated that no more than 3% of total population is made up of national minorities.

Climate - the average annual temperature in Poland ranges from 5-7°C in the hilly Pomeranian and Masurian lake districts and in the uplands to 8-10°C. Winter is usually cold and snowy, summer brings warm days, when the temperature exceeds 25°C, spring and early autumn is very pleasant with moderate temperatures and lovely colours- so called ‘Gold Polish Autumn’.

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