Wymagania edytorskie / Editorial Requirements

Wymagania edytorskie / Editorial Requirements

Prosimy o zapoznanie się z wymaganiami edytorskimi - DO POBRANIA TUTAJ



in the left top corner: academic titles / academic degrees; name and surname; below: name of an institution;

paper title: centered and bold;

paper size: to 20 thousand characters, typescript standardized (1800 characters for one page; 30 lines; interline 1,5; 60 characters in one line; font size12p; text justified on both sides;

References written in Harvard Referencing System, i.e. in a text, only name, date, page number are entered in brackets e.g. (Orłowska 2007, p.30); full description of a publication – name, first name initials, date, title, place of publication, publishing institution e.g. Orłowska M. (2007)  Przymus bezczynności, Warszawa, PWN.


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