The ‚ProSPeReS’ project was selected by the European Commission for funding from the European Union’s Internal Security Fund for 2014-2020

The project „ProSPeReS – Protection System for large gatherings of People in Religious Sites” was selected by the European Commission for funding from the Internal Security Fund of the European Union for the years 2014-2020 (ISFP).

The project focuses on protecting religious sites from terrorist attacks. It has been selected by the European Commission to be financed under a special fund, which aims to implement the internal security strategy, cooperation in the enforcement of law and management of the external borders of the European Union.

WSB University acts as a scientific partner. The leader of the project is the University of Lodz. The scientists of WSB University will cooperate with partners from Poland, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

The Scientific Director of the project is Adrian Siadkowski, PhD


Project partners:

  • University of Lodz (Leader)
  • WSB University (Poland)
  • Archdiocese of Łódź (Poland)
  • Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw (Poland)
  • Social Observatory Foundation (Poland)
  • Voivodeship Police Department in Łódź (Poland)
  • Warsaw Police Department (Poland)
  • Voivodeship Police Department in Wrocław (Poland)
  • Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
  • The Main School of Fire Service (Poland)
  • Hellenic Police (Greece)
  • Holy Metropolis of Ioannina (Greece)
  • Kentro Meleton Asphaleias (Greece)
  • Stichting Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (Netherlands)
  • Hellenberg International Oy (Finland)
  • Dynamic Safety Corporation Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  • Isem-institut Pre Medzinarodnu Bezpecnost A Krizove Riadenie, No (Slovakia)
  • Cardet Centre For The Advancement Of Research & Development In Educationaltechnology Limited (Cyprus)

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