Student Groups

What do the Scientific Circles deal with and is it worth working in them?

Scientific circles, depending on the nature of the university, deal with everything that interests their members. Starting from photography, through geography, motorization, IT, to economy and politics. Working in scientific circles, students can combine business with pleasure. The circles allow students to develop their passions, implement their own ideas and spend their free time in a group of "positively crazy" people with similar interests. Contrary to appearances, studies are not only a period of intensive learning, but above all it is a time to get to know yourself and the world in which you will soon have to find yourself. Our University actively supports the activities of scientific circles, being aware that working in them are the first and very valuable steps for students to their future professional career.

Scientific circles give students unlimited development opportunities. Students organize:

  • scientific conferences,
  • integration events and trips,
  • meetings with practitioners and experts,
  • they carry out their own research projects.

Thanks to this, already during their studies, they acquire competences that employers appreciate the most: diligence, independence, creativity, the ability to work under time pressure and stress. And what is important, they gain valuable experience, about which they can say proudly in their CV.

An additional advantage of participation in WSB University student organizations is the opportunity to get a Special Scholarship awarded for special achievements and additional student activities.

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