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Scientific journals

  • Forum Scientiae Oeconomia Journal

    Forum Scientiae Oeconomia is a quarterly in English that discusses issues in the field of economic sciences. This scientific journal is available in both electronic and printed form. DOI number is assigned to each published article. The international background of the journal is promoted by the multinational members of the Scientific Committee and the authors and reviewers from leading foreign research centers.

    The international character of the journal is confirmed both by the multinational membership of the Scientific Committee and authors from foreign scientific centers. A high level of content is ensured by the fact that all articles are subject to a double-blind review process by people who are recognized authorities in the given fields of science. Editors of 'Forum Scientiae Oeconomia' strive to ensure that the authors of submitted texts receive information about their acceptance or non-acceptance within one month from the date of receipt.

    Based on the decision of Ministry of Science and Higher Education, publications in 'Forum Scientiae Oeconomia' receive 20 points acc. to the academic rating system.

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  • Culture Management Journal

    The journal, until now, has published articles and reviews of scientific texts by scientists from 16 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia, representing such foreign scientific units as: University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Ottawa (Canada), Florida State University (USA), National Taiwan University of Arts (Taiwan), University of Tasmania (Australia), University of Wisconsin (USA), University of the Andes Bogota (Colombia), Burgundy School of Business (France), The Ohio State University (USA), University of Arts Belgrade (Serbia), Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Greece), University of Portsmouth (England), University of Roma Tor Vergata (Italy), University of Bologna (Italy) and Siegen University (Germany). The high level of published articles has been noticed by the most opinion-forming scientific societies in the world that deal with the dissemination of knowledge in the field of broadly understood management in culture. In 2017, thanks to the efforts of the Editorial Board of the journal, which entirely consists of academic staff of the WSB University, the journal established cooperation with such federations as: Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) in Chicago, Canadian Association of Arts Administration Educators (CAAAE) in Edmonton, European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC) in Brussels, China Arts Administration Education Association (CAAEA) in Beijing, Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Studies (TACPS) in Taipei. In 2018, many eminent members of the world of science from domestic and foreign academic centers joined the CMSE Scientific Council. In addition to the presidents of the above-mentioned scientific societies, the Council was joined by editors-in-chief and founders of the four most renowned scientific journals in the field of culture management in the world: International Journal of Arts Management (Canada), The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society (USA), American Journal of Arts Management (USA), Journal of Cultural Management and Policy (Belgium).

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  • Security Forum Journal

    Security Forum, ISSN 2544-1809, is an English-language journal published by the WSB University. It is a semi-annual publication presenting the latest achievements of security and defense sciences, adopted by WSB University.

    In addition, The Security Forum publishes materials and studies of authors from other domestic and foreign academic centers. The materials published on the pages of the Security Forum are the original achievements of specialists in given disciplines of knowledge regarding various aspects of national security and defense.

    The magazine also publishes reviews and synopses of books and other major publications on broadly understood security and defense issues. In addition to current matters, SF editorial staff is planning to publish, in the form of extras, other relevant scientific dissertations. The original version of Security Forum is available in the paper version.

    Scientific articles are structured in the following way:
    Subject area covered:

    • National security
    • crisis management
    • state defense
    • armed forces
    • history of armed conflicts
    • terrorism
    • technological solutions in the field of security

    Modern technology is also present in language laboratories where teachers use interactive whiteboards, professional software and online materials during their classes and lectures.

  • Pedagogical Theory and Practice Journal

    This scientific journal is a joint venture of the WSB University and Kyiv International University. The magazine is issued twice a year. Its main areas of interest are:

    • General pedagogy (including theoretical and practical issues of upbringing, learning and education);
    • development pedagogy (pre-school, school and adult pedagogy);
    • branches of pedagogy (according to the fields of science)
    • history of pedagogy and history of education;
    • partial or factual pedagogy
    • methodology;
    • social pedagogy;
    • cross-curricular pedagogical relationships.