Admission Overview

Dear Candidates,

Thank you for choosing WSB University as your home far away from home.
Here, in WSBU we know that applying for higher education in a foreign state - which is sometimes continents away - is a challenge unlike any other. We would like to commend each and every one of you for being brave and determined in your quest for knowledge.
The future belongs to You!

In the Sections to your left and below you will find in-depth information on all the stages of admission into WSB University. We ask you to read the provided information carefully and to keep it as your guide through the whole duration of your enrolment. The Word version of this guide will be accessible in the Attachment section for you to print. At the end of the instructions you will also find a small chart which you can print out as a separate document and then use it as a marker of your admission progress.

Remember that all big tasks are made of small stepping stones.
By reading this you have already accomplished the first step! Congratulate yourself for it!
And now – go forward, go international!

With respect,
WSB University Admission Team


Admission Procedure

Your application procedure should look the following way:

  1. Preparation of the necessary documents.
  2. Registration on our official website for your selected course: 

    Click Here for studies in English   

    Click Here for studies in Polish      

    Click here for studies in Russian  

    Click here for studies in Ukrainian

  3. Initial pre-screening of your application and the following Interview. In case of acceptance.
  4. Payment of your tuition and admission fee – unless exempt – based on the official Invoice available on the portal or received from your admission officer.
  5. Receival and signing of your Learning Agreement and Rectors Decision.
  6. Receival of your Letters of Acceptance and further Visa application if needed.
  7. Arrival on campus, or in case of Visa refusal application for Tuition fee refund.

Good luck and see you soon!

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