Admission Guide

Below you will find a complete guide for your admission into WSBU. Make sure to follow the steps presented in order to make your enrolment as fast and as easy as possible. 

The Word version of this guide is available in the attachment section for easy print out.


  • Step one. Documents.

In order to begin your admission process kindly collect the following documents:

No. List of required documents:


International passport; 
2. High School Diploma/Attestat or your College Diploma with its transcript of records for application to BA degree, or, BA or MA Diploma for application to MA degree with its transcript of records attached. 
3. Translation of the above mentioned documents together with their stamps via a sworn translator into English or Polish;                                              
4. Filled in Validation Certificate for applicants to BA degree (can be found on;
5. Apostille or Double Legalisation depending on your country of origin. More info on this can be obtain from the link above.

After gathering all of these documents please proceed to step two.

  • Step two. Registration.

Please follow the instructions below in order to successfully finish your online application. It is preferred to do the registration via a PC or Laptop while using Google Chrome as your browser. Please note that only one application per candidate is accepted. Several applications will not enhance your chances of admission!

Application to WSB University is done only via our official website by clicking Admissions and then by choosing the language of your studies. Those can be either English, Polish, Ukrainian or Russian. Afterwards kindly chose your field of interest.  

Please remember that no other platforms are available for our international students. Application via is no longer supported and applicants who created profiles there will not be taken into consideration.

Now it’s time to register on our official website.

No. Procedure:

Go to

press Admissions and then chose in which language you would like to study.

Or click:

Study in English   

Study in Polish      

Study in Russian   

Study in Ukrainian

2. Choose the program of your studies based on the available list.

After choosing your field of study we recommend for you to have a look at the Payment information. Afterwards, you can proceed to register via the Apply button visible on the page. You should see the following in the box:

-          Name

-          Surname

-          E-mail

-          Phone number

Kindly make sure that no mistakes are made in these fields during the registration.
Your name and surname should be written as in your international passport.
Your email should be easily accessible and checked constantly as all information you will receive through it.
Your phone number should start with a symbol ‘+’ and then followed by the country code. A Polish phone number would look the following way: +48 777 666 555

Please check the fields of the GDPR and then click the Submit button.

Our system will send you your login details in the next 72 hours. Please check your inbox regularly in order not to miss anything. Make sure to check your ‘spam folder’ as well.


Finalising your registration

Follow the link which you have received to your email and log in to your profile using login details which you have received when activating your account.


Go to Personal Details section and fill it in fully.

*if you are a foreigner please select “Jestem Obcokrajowcem”
*if you have applied with the help of an agency please specify its name in the field “Osoba do kontaktu/rekruter” if you have applied on your own please put in your emergency contact there.
*in the “Pochodzenie” please write out your nationality if it is different from your country of birth. If it is not then please keep this field the same as the one before it.


Now upload your photo into the system. Please remember that this photo will be used for your student ID hence it should be done in a proper way. Meaning it should have a white background with your face clearly visible. Your passport photo would be the best solution. You can edit the photo for best results.  


Please provide your residence address.

- If you live outside of Poland then please mention your home address.

- If you live in Poland please provide your current address.

And you are almost done! Now it is time to upload your documents.

No. Procedure

Go to “My registrations” and press prints. Upload the collected documents into their designated fields. Please make sure that all documents are in a PDF format and are readable. 

Once all of the above steps are done, please reach out to our admission team and let them know that your application is complete and you are ready for the interview.

You can find our admission team here:

Admission Office Team 

Please make sure to write to the officers who correspond to your campus of choice. 

­If everything was done correctly and your application passed its screening you will be invited for the interview shortly. 

  • Step three. The Interview.

The Interview is an integral part of the application process and is a decisive factor of your acceptance.

The Interview usually takes no more than 15-20 minutes and will is conducted via Zoom. Please remember that the platform has to be under your name and surname. Aka your profile on Zoom has to have your credentials in order to be accepted.

The interview will be conducted via Video Call and for it we ask you to be in a quiet room with good internet connection. Earphones or headphones are required in order to have the best sound quality and to hear the questions asked by the interviewer.

Any help from others (such as friends and/or family) will result in immediate disqualification and it will not be permitted to have the interview again.

The interview will focus on the following qualities of the candidates:

-  Erudition;

-  General knowledge;

-  Character and personality;

-  Experience, both academic and professional;

-  Other,

The general questions may include:

-  Date of birth;

-  Your hobbies, likes and dislikes;

- Your plans for the future;

- Previous experience, if any, in the chosen field, etc.

The interviewer will also confirm whether the candidate is eligible for studies in term of language proficiency. Please remember that Grammar, Speaking and Vocabulary will be checked during the short conversation. The minimum level needed for acceptance to WSBU is B2. For more information you can contact your admission officer or

Your results will be mailed to you in the next several working days. Please be patient while your application is being analysed for the last time.

If your application did not pass the previously mentioned steps then this will be the end of your process.
All candidates have the right to rebuke the official decision, for that please write to your admission officer.

  • Step Four. Payment, Learning Agreement and Visa application.

Congratulations! You are almost done with your enrolment to WSBU.

Your next actions should look the following way:

No. Procedure:

Payment. After the successful interview you will receive your official Invoice for payment. Use it to pay for your studies via    your local Bank filial or Mobile Bank.

Please be careful during the payment and follow the instructions mentioned on the invoice.

2. Upload your Proof of Payment (the Check from the bank) in the appropriate section in your admission profile and let your admission officer know that payment was done by sending the said document as attachment. Do not forget to mention your application ID!

Your documents will be forwarded to the Dean’s office where the remaining procedures will commence.
Please note that it will take between 10 to 14 working days  to complete the needed procedures. Once they are done you will receive a draft copy of your Learning Agreement and the Official Decision signed by the Officials of WSB University.
Print them out and sign them, afterwards send them back as scans to the Dean’s office.

If you want to reach the Dean's office to inquire about the state of your documents please have a look at the designated portal here:

Dean's Office


Your letters of acceptance (used for visa application) will be prepared in the following 7-10 working days after we will received the signed agreement. Once you will receive them as scans kindly check that no mistakes are present. If none are made, confirm this by sending us your full postal address. It should include:

-          Name and surname of the receiver;

-          Flat number;

-          House number;

-          City;

-          Province;

-          Country;

-          ZIP Code;

-          Phone number of the Receiver.

Your Letters of acceptance will be sent to the address provided via DHL hence please make sure that no mistakes are made in the postal address.

The address should be written in English with no special marks used!


Now wait for your Letters of Acceptance and apply for Visa! How to apply for a Polish National Visa you can find out from the Polish consulate in your home country. Be careful with your documents and make sure that you do not give away the originals of:

-          Diploma and its translation;

-          Certificate of validation;

-          Insurance.

These should be provided to them only as copies as you will need to provide the originals to the University staff members upon your arrival to Poland.

Now you can obtain your Insurance. Make sure to check the requirements of the Polish Embassy regarding this document. After securing it please do not forget to upload it into the system as well!

If you have followed the instructions provided above you should have a full set of needed documents for your National Visa application.

In case of subsequent Visa refusal please contact your admission officer for further support and consult.

Good luck! Poland awaits you!

  • Step five. Arrival to Poland.

If you are here it means you have successfully received your Visa, congratulations! Your final step would be your arrival to Poland and finalisation of your WSBU application.

The finalisation should look the following way:

No. Procedure:
1. After the receival of your national Visa it is time to book your tickets to Poland. After doing so please notify your admission officer on the dates of your arrival.

If you would like to live in one of the dormitories provided by the WSB University now is the time to book it! Please write to your mentor and inquire whether there are still available places left.

Please remember that until you will receive your visa and will have the confirmed arrival date we are unable to reserve accommodation for you.

3. On your way to Poland please do not forget to take all of your original documents plus a physical photo for your student ID. Please double or triple check that you have everything with yourself as otherwise your registration on campus will not be complete and you will not receive your official student status!

After your arrival to Poland you have up to 7 days to show up on campus to complete your registration and legalise your stay in Poland.

Take all of your documents and come to your respected campus.

If you have applied to Dabrowa Gornicza then you should visit the room 218 of the main campus.

If you have applied to Krakow you should visit the Reception.

You will finalise your enrolment on the spot.

And that is it! You did it!

Welcome to the International family of WSB University.

Soon you will start receiving invitations for your Admin meetings, make sure to participate in those to find out all necessary information about your studies at WSB University.

If you will find yourself lost on something during your studies you are always welcomed to write to your admission officers – we are here to help you even if it means giving you a different room number.

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