• Library

    The library is equipped with all necessary books and scientific magazines, collections of digital media such as films. audiobooks, library software, and multimedia reading room at student’s disposal.

  • IT laboratories

    The IT laboratories contain high-tech computers and other specialized devices. Translation laboratory enables the development and training of prospective translators. The trainers of translation and interpreting can simulate real-life situations which often are challenging and generate problems. Thus, the practice becomes a priceless experience. Multiple Internet posts and wi-fi Internet are also at students’ disposal. Class schedules, dates of tests and exams, and other announcements are published online in an information service for students called Wirtualny Dziekanat (Virtual Dean’s Office). Modern technology is also present in language laboratories where teachers use interactive whiteboards, professional software and online materials during their classes and lectures. Moreover as one of a few univeristies WSB University has virtual laboratories based on claud solutions what gives possibility to provide education fully remotelly.

  • AMIGO Student Club

    AMIGO Student Club is a place where students can meet up during breaks or have a meal during a long day of classes. AMIGO Club offers tasty homemade food with a variety of snacks and drinks.

  • The Disabled-Friendly University Premises

    The disabled-friendly premises of WSB University is designed to meet the needs of the disabled. Students with vision and hearing impairment or limb dysfunction are given support with specialised software including Braille notebooks and printers, specialised keyboards, portable devices reading e-books, software converting text files into mp3 files etc.