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Strategy of development

The strategy for WSB University is a visionary, unconventional and unique, developed in partnership based on an innovative methodology of a strategic roadmap. It is based on a flexible implementation model that enables the university to efficiently make corrections and verify the actions taken, adequately to the changing market conditions, as well as in accordance with the university's own experience related to strategic work. The strategic roadmap defines the strategic directions that the university is striving for. They are short and easy to remember, so that each employee can quickly assimilate them and know what the ambitions and intentions of the organization are. How these directions will be achieved is not a "rigid corset" imposed on the university in the form of a top-down schedule for achieving goals. The measures, their size and advancement level will be freely selected by the University during the implementation of the New Strategy.

WSB University is the first university in Poland to decide on such a strategy implementation model.

The development of the Strategic Roadmap of the WSB University 2021-2025 with a 2030 perspective was preceded by stages of advanced and multidimensional research and analytical works as well as strategic workshops. A team of a dozen or so members of the Institute for Higher Education Development - which coordinated and led the process of strategic work - developed 4 different documents, nearly 500 pages long, during the strategic analysis and diagnosis stage. 1,557 people participated in the stakeholder research (students, graduates, partners and AWSB staff). In representative surveys of the  Silesian Voivodeship residents - carried out by the nationwide research center Institute of Social and Market Research "IBRiS" - 846 people were asked about different opinions about the WSB University. The AWSB Strategic Team, consisting of 12 people, worked actively in the 40-hour-long 5 strategic workshops. During the fourth strategic workshop, the ideological concept, strategic directions and goals were consulted with a group of 40 stakeholders of the University - these were students, graduates, business representatives, research workers, as well as management and administration staff from all faculties, i.e. Dąbrowa Górnicza, Cieszyn, Olkusz, Kraków and Żywiec.