Applying for a refund? Please read the following carefully before proceeding:

Who is eligible for the refund?

  • Candidates who have a proven visa refusal from one of the Embassies of Poland (a scanned document with the official stamp from the embassy with the reason of refusal).
  • Candidates who could not, for various reasons, secure a time slot in the Embassy of Poland in their home countries.
  • Candidates who, due to personal reasons, can no longer continue with their application to WSB University (each case will be treated separately).

How to apply for a refund?

Firstly, you are kindly required to secure all the necessary documents which prove the validity of your refund request. Those documents should be:

  • slip from the embassy that your visa was refused/or written request for why you couldn’t proceed with the visa application.
  • scan of all pages of your passport as proof that you did not apply for a visa based on the documents issued by WSBU.
  • a filled-in form attached here.

    All documents need to be in English/Polish, clearly visible, and filled out in capital letters in order to avoid mistakes in names and surnames, bank account numbers, etc.

Your next move would be to write to Anna Czernecka and send her an official email request for a refund together with all the documents mentioned above.

Please bear in mind that due to international regulations the whole refund process can take up to 3 months during which your money should travel from our bank account to yours. The average time, however, is shorter and usually takes up to several weeks if no mistakes were made during the initial application.


Please remember that all candidates who applied for a refund will be scratched from the list of potential students and the border control of the EU will be notified of the said fact rendering the initial visa application to WSB University invalid.



Can I return the funds to a different bank account from the one used during payment?

-          Yes. You will need to provide us full required information of the owner of the said bank account and its details.


If the lessons have begun and I still do not have a clear answer about my visa will it influence the chances of receiving my tuition fee back?

-          No, in case of proven visa refusal you are eligible for the tuition fee refund still.


Can my tuition fee be returned to the bank account of other students/my friends?

-          Yes, this is possible. it should be done together with our Refund Specialist

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