The ITLogis Scientific Circle has been operating since 2011. The aim of the Circle's activity is to support and develop students' interests in the broadly understood area of ​​logistics and logistics management. Not only students studying in the field of Logistics, but also students of other faculties whose interests are related to logistics issues, have been active within the Circle.

Since 2013, the scientific supervisor of the Circle is Paweł Sobczak, PhD Eng.

Within the Circle's activities, students who are members of the ITLogis Scientific Circle conduct research, develop research results (also in the form of publications) and carry out study visits to workplaces. In addition, since 2013, students, together with the supervisor of the Circle, organize Student Logistics Conversations "StuKoL", during which the results of scientific research conducted by members of the Circle and students from other Scientific Circles from universities in Poland are presented.

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