The Peadagogica Scientific Circle has been in existence for ten years. Each scientific research that was conducted as part of the Circle's activities concerned specific topics related to education. For example, these were studies of the context of school education, extra-curricular activity in primary schools, as well as the linguistic features of early childhood education. The results of the work done so far include the participation of members of the Circle in scientific conferences, three publications in monographs and awards for scientific activity, including a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

According to the agreed plan, in the academic year 2020/2021, the next edition of the Circle's activities has started in a new composition. Female students of the second year of the five-year full-time master's studies in the field of pre-school and early school education have been invited to active participation. Ms. Natalia Kwiecińska has been elected president of the Circle (

Research activities program in academic year 2020/2021 is part of the research topic of the Department of Pedagogy, defined by prof. Mirosława Nowak-Dziemianowicz: Humanity on the trajectory of suffering. As part of the research activities of the Circle, the following research topic was adopted: The world of a child in times of constraints. Changes. Events. Every-day reality. Education. Seeing yourself. Adult image. In December 2020 and January 2021, members of the Circle collect research material in the form of narratives in conversations with early school children about the changes and events experienced during the pandemic, including online learning. In March 2021, after the narrative texts have been transcribed, a research analysis will be performed.

The Department of Pedagogy is preparing a scientific conference on topic World on the Trajectory of Suffering, which is planned for 2021. As part of the conference, a panel for the Circle has been planned, during which the results of its research will be presented.

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