Career Opportunities

Poland has been developing at staggering speeds throughout the last few decades. This has led to a growing demand for qualified professionals who are ready to start their career journey in this country. 

WSB University is open for its students to do the same!
Whether it's working part-time for our Bachelor students or full-time for our MA students - all can find suitable companies to nurture their talents.

As of February 2022 the following spheres are predicted to peak in recruitment:
- IT
- Sales
- Finance and Accounting
- Customer service 
- Production
- Human Resources and others.

(based on Statista)

Various portals can be used to search and apply for jobs with the most popular being:
- and others.

Various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn also provide numerous opportunities for jobseekers however students are advised to be careful and to not share personal information unless the sources are proven and legit.

Having valid resident status (Temporary Resident Permit also known as Karta Pobytu) is recommended for everyone but numerous companies accept employees based on student visa only. Always make sure to inquire about the necessary documents from your potential employer. Most companies will also ask for a student status confirmation from the applicants. This document can be obtained from the Deans office of your respected campus.
Do not forget that loosing your student status in WSBU might lead you to loose your current job unless the signed agreements are stating otherwise! 

For more information make sure to check our Forum where you can talk to your fellow students and ask all the interesting questions!