Another Erasmus+ project led by WSB University

We are pleased to announce that the WSB University project entitled "VR technologies for Mountain Rescue Brigades to assure seniors and people with disabilities safety in cross - border mountain areas - RESCUER" has been selected for funding under the Erasmus+ program for the Vocational Education and Training sector.

The main objective of the RESCUER project is to develop a VR course with 4 different scenarios (in 5 languages) for mountain rescue brigades working in cross-border mountain areas, to enable them to better ensure the safety of seniors and people with disabilities in the mountains. The VR scenarios will address different disabilities and illnesses of seniors. By using them in education, mountain rescuers will be able to understand how difficult simple activities and tasks can be for those they rescue.

The work of the scientists involved in the preparation of this project deserves special recognition, as the call was very competitive. Out of 90 projects submitted, only 7 were funded, including the WSB University project. This two-year project will be implemented in an international cooperation, with the participation of the city of Chadca (Slovakia), an educational partner from the Czech Republic - Euroschola, and an expert from the European Center of Entrepreneurship Competence & Excellence from Austria, located in Klagenfurt on the mountainous Austrian-Slovenian-Italian border.

Planned results of the RESCUER project:

  1. Study visit to Austria (Austrian-Italian-Slovenian border).
  2. Work on content (safety and health issues) and IT solutions for VR course based on 4 different scenarios in 5 languages (Polish, Slovak, Czech, German, English).
  3. International workshops in the Polish-Czech-Slovak mountain region to prepare avatars and recording materials for the VR course.
  4. 3 days of pilot activities (workshops) in the mountain area with rescue brigades to test the VR course.

The team responsible for the preparation of the project:

  • Ryszard Szynowski, PhD., Prof. AWSB,
  • Paulina Polko, PhD., prof. AWSB.

The experts of the subject:

  • Olga Nowotny - Czupryna, PhD., prof. AWSB,
  • Karol Jędrasiak, PhD.

Our sincere congratulations!