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Conference "Diversity is wealth, or the art of tolerance"

On the occasion of the upcoming International Diversity Day, WSB University together with the City of Dąbrowa Górnicza invited Dąbrowa Górnicza Primary Schools to the Conference "Diversity is wealth, or the art of tolerance", which took place on 15 May 2023 at WSB University.

More than a hundred 8th grade students from seven Dąbrowa primary schools, together with their teachers, participated in thematic workshops. With the help of an old-age simulator, the young people experienced how an elderly person feels, what burdens and limitations they have. They were also able to try to move around in a wheelchair and experience how big a problem even the smallest thresholds or stairs can be. Participants were introduced to Braille writing and learned the basic words of sign language. At a workshop run by Manufaktura Gierczak and the Rainbow Association, there was an opportunity to talk about otherness in its broadest sense, communication, and the art of conversation, which should take place in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

The intensive workshop session was concluded with a lecture entitled "We are different, but equally important", which was delivered by Ms Marta Ir - special educator, lecturer at WSB University. The young people also participated in mini-experiments and acted out situational scenes - to then articulate conclusions.

Tolerance is a value that is worth talking about. It is important to ensure that it is present both in Polish schools and more broadly in social life.