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Gala of awarding diplomas to graduates of First and Second degree studies – WSB University

On July 24th 2023 WSB University hosted a Ceremonial Gala of awarding diplomas to graduates of the first and second degree studies in the following faculties: Management, Computer Science, International Relations and English in Management.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Tomasz Szanser  - Vice-Dean of WSB University in Cracow, who welcomed the Graduates and their families with the words: "The graduation ceremony is always a great celebration and a very important event for the University. It is a great joy and honor for us that we can celebrate this day with you graduates, with representatives of the academic community and with your loved ones." The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Senate of the WSB University.


The graduation gala is a special occasion to present our Graduates with distinctions for the best diploma theses and very high academic results. In the academic year 2022/2023, at the request of promoters and reviewers, JM Rector of the WSB University awarded the authors of 13 diploma theses. Distinctions for very good academic results were awarded to 7 graduates.


The ceremony was graced by an artistic performance of Klaudia Kulawik - finalist of the first edition of Polish edition of Got Talent, who delighted the audience with her performances of songs by Czesław Niemen, Violetta Villas and Stan Borys. Klaudia graduated from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute and Goldsmiths University in London, and currently also she is a student at the WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza

Congratulations on your results!