International Graduation Gala

On July 16, 2022 International Gala of Awarding Diplomas to bachelor and master graduates took place. The event was attended by graduates from over 30 countries who studied at WSB University in both camupuses in Dąbrowa Górnicza and Krakow. During the Gala, a special guest, Professor Babs Surujlal from North West University, addressed special words to the graduates.

"It is important that the experience, skills and knowledge gained during your academic journey are used not only for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of the whole society" said Professor Babs Surujlal, addressing the graduates, also wishing them well on the path of professional development.

At the request of lecturers, promoters, reviewers and administratie staff, the Rector of WSB University awarded nearly 30 graduates.

WSB University graduates received awards for the best average study results:

  1. Elvin Allazov, graduate Masters in Management in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  2. Viktoriya Son, graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  3. Chinara Abdurrahimova, graduate Masters of Management in Krakow


For social activity and involvement in activities carried out at WSB University:

  1. Zuzanna Kozłowska - graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  2. Anna Nelina - graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  3. Anara Jumabekova - graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  4. Ayan Karimova - graduate Masters of Management in Krakow
  5. Aruzhan Nurpeissova - graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza


For scientific achievements:

  1. Aruzhan Nurpeissova - graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  2. Bahruz Balakishiyev - graduate Bachelor of International Relations in Dąbrowa Górnicza


On the occasion of this category, a special award in the category of the Best Student's Friend was awarded to Professor Rui Alexandre Castanho.

Award for the best diploma theses has been given to:

  1. Katarzyna Pamuła for her master's thesis: "Cultural aspects of international cooperation in customer quality service - case study in corporate management based on Automotive sample", supervisor dr Tomasz Szulc
  2. Pier Francesco Garibaldi for his BA thesis: "Storytelling a communication tool in consulting companies" - supervisor Dr. Olgierd Witczak
  3. Karolina Wilczek for her master's thesis: "Internet Marketing in Sweden: an Analysis from the Perspective of an Individual and a Company" - supervisor Dr. Michał Wojtaszek
  4. Iryna Shvets for her MA thesis: "Actors Influencing the Decision Making Process of Customers Based on Polish And Ukrainian Examples" - promoter Dr. Anna Dewalska - Opitek
  5. Oladimeji Adeyinka for her master's thesis: "Impact of Technological Development on the Growth of Small and Medium-Scale Manufacturing Firms in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria" supervisor Dr. Michał Wojtaszek
  6. Erolinda Kuqi for her master's thesis "Causes of Emigration in Kosovo and Albania" - supervisor dr Karol Kujawa
  7. Taisiia Smoliak for her master's thesis: "Impact of the Refugees on Polish and German Market" - supervisor Dr. Karol Kujawa
  8. Semih Yolcu for her thesis entitled: "Turkey's Export with the European Union", supervisor Dr. Karol Kujawa
  9. Yuliia Makarova for her thesis entitled: "Impact of EU Cross-Border Cooperation Programs on Regional Development: The Case Study of Poland and Ukraine" - supervisor Prof. Rui Alexander Castanho
  10. Amina Batrakova for her BA thesis: “The role of event marketing in increasing brand awareness. In the case of Roshen Confectionery Corporation "- promoter Dr. Mr. Karol Kujawa
  11. Ayshan Valizada for the MA thesis "Applications of Big Data to Predict Future Demand and Forecasting" - supervisor Dr. Adrian Kapczyński
  12. Youcef Kerfouf for the thesis: "The energy transition and the national economy of Algeria" - supervisor Profesor Andrzej Raszkowski
  13. Aysel Misirzade for the thesis entitled: "The Concept and Implementation of Risk Management at Azerbaijani Banks" - supervisor Dr. Michał Wojtaszek
  14. Eliezer Mubunda for her master's thesis entitled: "The consequences of Covid-19 on the economic and social aspects in the DRC: Prospects for solutions and political responses." - supervisor Professor Andrzej Raszkowski
  15. Khawla Et-Tamri for her master's thesis: "Green economy & Sustainable Development in Morocco" - supervisor Profesor Andrzej Raszkowski
  16. Hamza Abaelgarch for his master's thesis: "Trade openness and economic growth Case study: Morocco / Moroccan economy" - supervisor Prof. Andrzej Raszkowski
  17. Tahir Madadli for the thesis entitled: "How to Establish Effective Risk Management in Financial Institutions: The Case of Azerbaijan" - supervisor Dr. Michał Wojtaszek

Sponsors of the awards for the distinguished graduates: -

WSB University encourages its graduates to continue their development, which is why the best graduates of master's studies received vouchers for participation in a doctoral seminar in English, and the best graduates of bachelor's studies - for master's studies. During the event the graduates themselves were also given the floor.

On behalf of the international graduates form Campus in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the speech was given by the graduate of the MA studies Erolinda Kuqi, on behalf of the international graduates of Campus in Krakow, the graduate of the MA studies Ayan Karimova. The event was marked by a concert performed by Solomon Kunle Omogbemi and Nazim Benmansour. After the event all graduates and their families continue celebrating together at Fabryka Pełna Życia.


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