Metropolitan Science Support Fund - Further WSB University Projects

At the beginning of 2023, the WSB University secured funding for further projects within the Metropolitan Fund for the Support of Science subsidised by the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis. On 13 January, three project agreements were signed, and we are still waiting for confirmation of the fourth project.

WSB University has been cooperating with the Upper Silesian-Zagłębian Metropolis for the 4th year as part of the Metropolitan Science Support Fund programme. So far, 9 projects have been implemented, with a total amount of funding of PLN 1,133,603.00.

This year, the WSB University received funding for two projects from thematic area 1 - World-class scientists and one project from thematic area 5 - Study in the Metropolis.

The project 'Money and Finance, and Reality and Morality' concerns a collaboration with Mr Edward Hadas from the University of Oxford. The project activities will take place between 20 and 24 March during the 19th WSB University Science Festival. The project plans to realise lectures, a seminar and a workshop, which will be conducted live by Mr Edward Hadas.

The project 'Influence of Local Political Factors on the Dynamics of Urban Violence on the Example of the Cities of the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolitan Area' involves collaboration with Dr Eduardo Moncada
from Columbia University. The project activities will take place in May this year and will involve 11 days of stationary activities, during which Dr Moncada will conduct, among other things, lectures, consultations for researchers and doctoral students, and will carry out research, together with Dr Paulina Polko, in the Upper Silesian Zagłębie Metropolis.

The aim of the project "Open Academy of Science of the WSB University as an initiative to promote the idea of studying in the GZM" is to encourage and convince secondary school students to study in the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis, in particular at the WSB University. The project will be implemented in the GZM area, from February to November 2023.

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