The 20th Science Festival has begun

The 20th edition of the Science Festival at WSB University - an annual celebration of knowledge aimed at popularizing and promoting science in a form accessible to everyone - has begun.

The 20th installment of the Science Festival at WSB University kicked off with a compelling exploration into the realms of modern-day and covert forms of violence. Iwona Krzyżewska, PhD., Eng., delved into the intricacies of cyberbullying, bullying, and discrimination, shedding light on their pervasive impact across age, gender, and societal backgrounds.

Following this insightful presentation, attendees were treated to a captivating voyage led by seasoned traveler Mariusz Kurc. With three decades of global exploration under his belt, Kurc shared anecdotes from diverse cultures and religions, fostering contemplation on the richness of human diversity and the essence of empathy.

The program also featured a session with Rockwell Automation professionals, who shared their cross-cultural work experiences and underscored the significance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies in organizational culture.

Małgorzata Świerkosz-Hołysz, PhD., offered invaluable insights into managing generationally diverse teams, offering practical advice on fostering collaboration and productivity.

Tomasz Sobania, a young adventurer and writer, inspired attendees with his journey of achieving ambitious goals through incremental steps, igniting aspirations among the audience.

The concluding segments of the day delved into the emotional and creative facets of both work and life. Edyta Nowak-Żółty, PhD., explored the realm of emotional intelligence, illuminating its relevance in professional and personal spheres, while Barbara Borkowska-Kępska introduced participants to neurocreativity as a means of enhancing creativity and overall well-being.