WSB University in the 'Golden Fifteen' of the Perspektywy 2024 Ranking of MBA Programs

Executive MBA in 4th place, WSB University's MBA staff was recognized as the best in the country.

Executive MBA in 4th place, Master of Business Administration (EY partner) in 6th place and MBA in Healthcare in 12th place - this is the result of the latest MBA ranking by the Perspektywy Educational Foundation, considered one of the most prestigious and objective rankings of MBA programs in Poland. The ranking is based on 5 rigorously assessed criteria (Students of the program, Teaching staff of the program, Substantive features of the program, Career support of graduates, and Rank and prestige of the program), containing a total of 28 indicators. All MBA programs offered by the WSB University were included in the overall list and in each category.

In addition, the WSB University's MBA staff was recognized as the best in the country (1st place). This prestigious award is the result not only of the business experience of the lecturers, but also of their accessibility to the students, gender equality among the staff, and the high scientific and didactic quality of the trainers and mentors. As a result, WSB University students have a unique opportunity to learn from the best, which undoubtedly translates into their future professional success.

The MBA and Executive MBA programs were also recognized as the best in Poland in the 'Students' category (1st and 2nd place, respectively). This criterion evaluated aspects such as the recruitment process, the professional experience of candidates, the detail of the selection criteria, and the diversity of participants in terms of nationality and gender balance.

In the 'Substantive features of the program' category, which is the most important element of the evaluation with a weight of 30%, WSB University's MBA program was ranked 2nd. This category draws attention to the quality and completeness of the courses, the required number of hours and the international experience gained by participants, confirming their international and comprehensive nature.

The results of the Perspektywy 2024 MBA Ranking are a confirmation of the WSB University's commitment to providing education at the highest level, with an emphasis on the practical aspects of education, which are essential in the dynamically changing business world.

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