WSB University students with GPM-b certificates

Another project management certification! This time Green Project Manager GPM-b, was awarded to students from the ProjectGo study group.

Another project management certification, this time Green Project Manager GPM-b, was awarded to students from the ProjectGo study group.

It is an international certificate recognized in one of the fastest growing areas of knowledge and competence of tomorrow - sustainable development. GPM cooperates with many universities all over the world, on all continents. The WSB University is the second university in Poland and the only one in the Silesian province with GPM certification.

Those who are certified become part of the international register of project managers certified by GPM Global.

Students who received certificates:

  • Anna Bik,
  • Kamila Ciszewska,
  • Anna Kubala,
  • Sabina Dendys,
  • Elzbieta Dyhdalewicz,
  • Tianna Mariia Foshter,
  • Magdalena Gajda,
  • Adam Golębiowski,
  • Joanna Kryska,
  • Marianna Kukhtyk,
  • Wojciech Skowron,
  • Dagmara Urbanik.

Green Project Management is an integrated approach to project management with sustainable practices. Incorporating it into the strategy of ongoing projects supports the long-term development of the organization. Projects managed in a sustainable way bring not only specific results in the business dimension, but also a positive impact on environmental and social aspects.

GPM certification for students of the scientific circle ProjectGo is one of the tasks carried out within the project implemented from the program of the Minister of Science and Higher Education "Student scientific circles create innovations" for the implementation of the project entitled: "SKN ProjectGO on guarding the implementation of the principles of sustainable project management in the organization with the use of innovative solutions in virtual reality".