Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan for the WSB University was created primarily to promote and implement the principles of gender equality expressed in it in the resources, organizational culture, research and other areas of operation of the WSB University, as well as to meet the needs expressed in Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025.
In addition, the assumptions, recommendations and goals set out in the Plan, in relation to the activities undertaken within the organization, will allow to increase the awareness of the WSB University community in the issues of equality, discrimination and violence, especially in the context of possible threats, such as: gender, gender-based violence. They will also help to indicate actions aimed at recognizing and reacting to this type of behavior, selection of specific methods and tools necessary to counteract this type of phenomena.
Considering the above, the preparation and implementation of the Gender Equality Plan at the WSB University is the next stage of the process of improving behaviors and attitudes among the WSB University community, which strengthens the equality policy, will effectively eliminate gender-based stereotypes and prejudices and will provide opportunities for effective response, improvement of procedures, selection of methods and tools to prevent and counteract the occurrence of such adverse phenomena.

A vision of diversity and inclusion:

The WSB University is a highly diverse organization where diversity and inclusion are seen as an asset. They are promoted by through: creating diverse, interdisciplinary teams, engaging and developing talented employees and students, flexible management system, involving employees in change management processes, educating in the field of diversity and counteracting all forms of discrimination. The driving force behind development in this area is the belief that a truly appreciated and promoted idea of diversity and inclusion results in the creation of an attractive and more effective working, education, research and learning environment. The approach of openness, equality, diversity and inclusion promoted at the WSB Academy encourages employees and students to better cooperation, openness, commitment and innovation, which is reflected in the University's scientific, educational and business results.


The goal pursued by the WSB University is the continuous improvement of the strategy, based on the cultural aspect, in which each employee and student finds respect, understanding and equal access to development opportunities, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, religion, disability and other factors diversity. However, it should be noted that the process of improving this strategy is to lead to the main goal, which is the achievement by the WSB University one of the leading position in the classification of the level of internationalization of universities in Poland.

Freedom of research

The freedom and reliability of conducting scientific research is one of the basic pillars of the functioning of the WSB University, which is reflected in the fact that both employees, as well as students and doctoral students, have full freedom of beliefs and expression, choice of research topics conducted at the University and determining methods of solving problems.

Ethical principles

The WSB University strictly adheres to the rules related to ethical practices and standards set out in national and sectoral codes of ethics. The university is subject to evaluation in this respect, e.g. as part of internal procedures and cyclical institutional, national and international accreditations.

Professional responsibility

The WSB University is guided by the principles of research ethics, including issues of professional responsibility, and expresses full respect for intellectual property rights.

Principles of good practice in scientific research

The WSB University ensures compliance with the principles of good practice in scientific research. The University takes due care to comply with the provisions of internal, national and international law related to the flow of personal data and the processes of their processing, as well as the confidentiality of information obtained in connection with the conduct of scientific research, without infringing the rights and freedoms of third parties.

Principles of non-discrimination and counteracting mobbing

The WSB University rigorously adheres to the principles of non-discrimination and counteracting mobbing based on internally developed procedures that allow to effectively eliminate the risk of such phenomena in the structures of the community.

The principle of non-discrimination, which the WSBU follows, applies in particular to the broadly understood concept of employment, i.e. in the context of concluding and terminating employment relationships, employment conditions, opportunities for promotion and staff access to training enabling systematic improvement of professional qualifications.

None of the employees and students of the WSB University may experience discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, trade union membership, ethnic origin, denomination, sexual orientation and social or material status.

The WSB University also expresses its strong opposition to the phenomenon of mobbing, understood as a negative action or behavior or a set of such actions or behaviors concerning an employee or directed against him.

Gender balance

The WSB University constantly takes action to maintain and promote gender balance and non-discrimination in this respect, this policy is reflected in the care for all procedures, regulations and organizational mechanisms.

The principle of gender balance is maintained at the WSB University in managerial positions at all levels, decision-making bodies, collective bodies and recruitment procedures.

Mechanism of complaints and grievances

At the WSB University, each employee has the right to submit a complaint/grievance, which is considered on the basis of the principle of their resolution by independent instances. Regular actions are also taken to ensure the transparency of these procedures and to promote knowledge about them in the University community, especially among employees and students of the WSB University.

Work-life balance

The WSB Academy uses solutions and practices that enable employees to maintain a work-life balance, in particular:

  • due maternity, parental or parental leaves;
  • support for employees in caring for dependents;
  • flexible working time;
  • appropriate distribution of work - the method of assigning and distributing tasks, such as teaching, research and scientific duties, and administrative duties should be consistent with the capabilities, predispositions, expectations and preferences of employees;
  • onboarding — appropriate introduction of new employees to professional tasks and the space of organizational culture; integration of employees after a long break from work (mentoring and support of institutions);
  • organizational culture sensitive to diversity and respect for minority rights;
  • using gender-sensitive language (gender-neutral language, inclusive language ); a friendly, integrative work environment for all employees.