Inspera Assessment Platform






The WSB University has joined the group of elite European universities that use the Inspera Assessment platform to conduct remote examination sessions.

Inspera Assessment is one of the world's leading systems dedicated to conducting electronic examinations.

In cooperation with PCG Akademia, which is involved in the development of the higher education sector and is the only supplier of this tool in Poland, we have introduced a system that is an innovative technology supporting studying.

Inspera Assessment is software with a disk locking mechanism and a student's web browser.
The system enables the exam to be carried out on the student's private computer and has a wide range of question types, which makes it possible to create practical exams in science subjects (geometry, formulas, codes, LaTeX.)

The benefits for students include: faster access to grades and feedback from the lecturer
and no worries about a lower grade due to illegible handwriting and saving answers to exam questions in real time - even in the event of losing the Internet connection.


The most important functionalities of Inspera include:

  • wide range of 24 types of questions
  • teachers can share sets of questions
  • possibility to import the exam set from the Moodle platform
  • notifications about the status of the examination by students during the examination
  • notifications about possible technical difficulties through warnings
  • possibility to perform a number of activities in relation to the student during the exam
    e.g. flagging students, confirming attendance
  • individual extension / shortening of the exam duration
  • fast and automated process of checking the works, including convenient checking of open questions
  • possibility to conduct co-evaluation and anonymous evaluation
  • real-time backup of exam papers
  • possibility to take the exam even in the event of loss of internet connection
  • possibility to save the exam work to an encoded file
  • online archiving of tests
  • possibility to generate a report summarizing the exam results in the form of a bar chart

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