Library trainings

Library trainings are aimed at familiarizing the user with tools and systems. They are addressed to all users who want to efficiently use the library and its resources.

During the training, the users are familiarized with:

  • the rules of using the Library's collections and services,
  • the rules of searching in the electronic catalog,
  • virtual resources available in the Library, such as: electronic databases, distributed scientific network resources.

Obligatory library training is addressed to the students of the first year of full-time and part-time first and second cycle studies.

Conditions for passing the course:

The conditions for passing the library training are:

  • online registration to the online catalog (the account will be activated by the librarian the next day), and
  • positive test result on the Moodle e-learning platform (min. 6 right answers).

Persons willing to individual training in the use of selected tools may arrange it contacting the Library by phone on 295 93 56 or by e-mail

Students from Camus in Cieszyn:

Library training available on the e-learning platform and registration in the library system.

Students from Campuses in Żywiec, Olkusz and Kraków:

Library training available only on the e-learning platform.

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