Interlibrary loan

General information

The library enables using the collections of other domestic libraries for research purposes by means of interlibrary loan. Within the loan, we get:

  • books,
  • copies of journal articles,
  • and other materials, that the Academic Library does not have in its own collections.

The interlibrary loan can be used by:

  • research employees of WSB University,
  • administrative employees of WSB University,
  • students of WSB University,
  • postgraduate students of WSB University,
  • doctoral students of WSB University.

If you are interested, please contact

Information for readers

Order fulfilment:

  • To place an order, please fill in the order slip of the interlibrary loan from the above, providing a detailed bibliographic description of the publication and send it to the indicated e-mail address.
  • After placing an order by the Library in another institution, the reader will be informed about the order sent.
  • The reader is notified by phone or e-mail about the completion of the order and the arrival of the book.
  • The library materials from other institutions are made available only in the Reading Room
  • In case of necessity to use books longer, there is a possibility of extension.

Information for domestic libraries

The Academic Library makes its collections available on the basis of external interlibrary loan in cooperation with other domestic libraries. The reading room collections are not subject to interlibrary loan. In justified cases, requiring individual consideration, these materials can be borrowed. Orders should be placed on the interlibrary slips and sent back to the address:

Borrowing for domestic libraries is free of charge. The ordering library is fully responsible for the borrowed materials. Library materials may be made available only in the reading room of the ordering library. Agreements on cooperation in the field of interlibrary loans should be sent to the following address: WSB University

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