OPAC catalog

Ordering books, the ordering process consists of several stages:

  • Searching for a book using indexes.
  • Checking the availability of the selected item (option: status).
  • Logging on to the system.
  • Depending on the book's status – ordering it to be borrowed.
  • Selecting the place of delivery of the ordered item.
  • Sending the order.
  • Logging out of the system.

ATTENTION! Waiting time for items is 15 - 45 minutes. After realization, the ordered item awaits for 3 days to be collected.

Book pick-up

  • Students with a valid student card
  • Postgraduate students, doctoral students, research and teaching staff and administrative employees of WSB University – ID card


The pick-up of books can be done by the owner of the library account or an authorized person with a signed declaration.


  • Logging into the system,
  • Entering "My Account",
  • Selecting „Renewable items" in the left menu,
  • In the table of the borrowed items, there will be “Renew” action available. By clicking on it, a new return date will appear.


Logging into the system,
Under the item that is borrowed by another reader, use the option “Reserve item” (below the description),
The system will inform you about how many people prior to you have booked this item and which person waiting in the order you are.


  • The return is made at the Circulation Desk in the Library

The system communicates with the reader via e-mail in the following areas:

  • sending information that the order has been completed and that the book is available for pick-up at the circulation desk
  • sending information about the upcoming return date of the book,
  • sending information about the completed reservation, i.e. that the reserved book has been returned and that it has changed its status to the ordered one – then the order must be collected within 3 days,
  • sending information about the commencement of charging the fee in the event of exceeding the return date.

All e-mails are sent automatically, please do not reply to them.

Marks of place used in the catalog with shelf marks:

  • Items that can be ordered and borrowed
  • Items in the Reading Room

If you find a book in the Reading Room – please remember the shelf mark, i.e. the section in which the book is located. The books are arranged alphabetically with their titles.

Shelf marks

  • DG/W DG Wyp. – items to be borrowed - Library Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • DG/U DG Czyt. – items in the Reading Room – Library Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • Cieszyn/W ZOD1 Wyp. - items to be borrowed - Library Cieszyn
  • Cieszyn/U ZOD1 Czyt. - items in the Reading Room - Library Cieszyn
  • Olkusz/W KSOLK Wyp. - items to be borrowed - Library Olkusz
  • Olkusz/U KSOLK Czyt. - items in the Reading Room - Library Olkusz
  • Żywiec/W KSŻYW Wyp. - items to be borrowed – Library Żywiec 

Library staff will be happy to help you in using the OPAC catalog. Please ask, call and write, and share with us all your comments on the functioning of the library catalog.

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