Debate Club

Public speaking is an important skill that is relevant no matter what area of work you will do in the future. The ability to speak confidently in an interview, deliver presentations, or pitch business ideas all can be gained practiced at the school's debate club!

Debate, as a form of medium, is used in WSB University as often as possible. One of the examples when this medium pushed our students to their maximum is the #climateofchange Debate which begun in WSBU as part of the global Green Campaign.

The first round of the debates - as part of the debate club - was held on campus in early 2022 where, after several rounds of interesting conversations, a team was chosen to represent WSB University and the program on a national level. 
That very summer the national event took place in the wonderful city of Kraków, where for several days in a row, the best teams of the country were debating over numerous green topics, all under the guide of the best professionals out there.

To University's great pleasure our team, which consisted of Dagmara, Kamilla, Katerzyna and Zofia won! Thus, successfully qualifying them for the grand final in Belgium. And the girls didn't stop there. 
In November 2022 at the grand EU Final our wonderful team has been one of the winners! Becoming EU's Green Ambassadors and later on embarking on a trip to Kenya to see for themselves the effect climate change has on the countries. 

All of this is only possible thanks to the outstanding work of the participants, and we are proud to have such excellent students to represent what true debates should look like. A medium for a change.