Diversity poilicy at WSB University

WSB University is commits to:

  • create an organizational culture based on the principles of mutual respect, participation in diversity, equal opportunities and total lack of tolerance for all forms of discrimination, violence, as well as disseminating views that strike at diversity;
  • regular education for the entire academic community (including people of Polish descent who have not participated in some events so far) about diversity and ways to protect it, including, above all, how to report signs of discrimination, hate speech, violence or mobbing to an independent entity within the university;
  • introduction of anti-discrimination monitoring, including the preparation of annual publicly available reports on the implemented measures and their results, based on research already conducted, including in particular an analysis of the cases reported so far or the lack of such reports;
  • ensure such a level of powers of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Equality that they allow for activity independent of the Rector's or Dean's authority and enable efficient conflict resolution, taking into account the well-being of the victims, including the possibility for these people to remain anonymous when reporting any signs of violence (also mobbing and sexual violence);
  • adapt the current and create new detailed policies covering the principles of equal treatment in various areas, in particular in the area of recruitment for studies, recruitment for work, promotions, remuneration, awards, grants, as well as counteracting mobbing and exclusion;
  • create a space for discussion on the adopted principles regarding diversity and equal treatment, as well as openness to introduce changes to them in justified cases.

Diversity Policy