Free Training Week

One should be flexible, constantly educate oneself and know the market, challenges and trends. Now the future is exploration and creative solutions in any industry. The next edition of the Free Training Week, which starts on September 11, 2021, and will be organized stationary, online, and in a hybrid formula (stationary with live streaming), corresponds to this premise.
The event is co-organized by the Scientific Society of Organization and Management.


  • you want to manage change effectively,
  • you care about the professional formation of a professional's personal branding,
  • you want to learn the key competencies of a manager in an organization in the field of information security and risk management,
  • you need knowledge of labor law changes in the second half of 2021,
  • you do not want to experience tax-related problems,
  • you want to effectively resolve conflicts and learn mediation techniques,
  • know how to tell interesting stories, i.e. become a storytelling expert,
  • ...... take part in the Free Training Week.


Or maybe you work in educational and childcare institutions and want to:

  • learn about the various negative behaviors children have developed during the pandemic and eliminate them,
  • help solve developmental difficulties of children up to the age of 3,
  • know how to create child development during therapeutic and educational activities
  • ...... take part in the Free Training Week.


Or maybe you just want to:

  • enjoy mental health in life and work,
  • know what to learn and how to acquire new competencies,
  • not be fooled by thieves on the Internet,
  • deal with conflicts in your personal life,
  • know how to set your goals and realize your dreams,
  • have a sense of meaning in life
  • .... take part in the Free Training Week.


Each participant of the Free Training Week receives a certificate of participation in training courses.