Climat Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of numerous individuals across WSB University. The plan was approved by the Senat and updates are completed every other year.

WSB University is dedicated to setting the standard for responsible and sensible actions with a plan that promotes thoughtful environmental stewardship and reduces our own carbon footprint on campus. Through WSB University Center for Quality, we are reaching that delicate balance between environmental care, economic development, and social responsibility by introducing and expanding programs such as increased energy efficiency, sustainability-focused curricula, renewable energy production, and decreased dependence on single-occupant vehicles.

WSB University climate change response centers on the following five goals:

  • Be Carbon Neutral by 2040
  • Build Resilience to Climate Change on Campus
  • Collaborate on Community Climate Change Response Planning
  • Incorporate Climate Change and Sustainability into the Curriculum
  • Integrate Climate Change Considerations into Campus Planning and Engagement