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Master in Computer Science - Data Scientist
with Ural Federal University

Knowledge you acquire

  • programming languages (R, Phyton)
  • Machine learning and Deep learning
  • data mining methods and solutions
  • analyse large data sets

During your studies, you will not only gain the competences of a Data Scientist specialist, but also meet interesting people from the IT industry - and perhaps even your future employer - thanks to numerous study visits and meetings with interns that we regularly organize during your studies. You will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice thanks to individual and group projects, workshops, trainings and hackathons, all together with industry-renowned companies such as Fujitsu, IBM, AWS or Microsoft will enable you to learn about the latest trends in the IT area.

Double degree programe with Ural Federal University is designed to develop technical skills combined with soft skills. It prepares graduates who are ready to take on various challenges and are not afraid of them. Therefore, in addition to the subjects that shape typical engineering skills, we also took care of equipping graduates with competences that allow them to find themselves in the increasingly demanding labour market. Thanks to Design Thinking and Problem Based Learning workshops, you will learn to solve problems creatively, and classes related to the implementation of IT projects will prepare you for the real challenges faced by engineers working mainly with projects and design.

And if you want, you have the opportunity to develop yourself further by participating in the F44 Red scientific club, which is very successful in international competitions (cybersecurity competitions being one of them).

F44 Red Scientific Club

Program structure

The intended period of study is two years (4 semesters).

The double degree graduation requires that participating students study one academic year (two semesters) at each institution in order to complete part of the curriculum Student’s performance will be recognized and graded on the basis of Transcript of Records.

When graduated you will be awarded with two diplomas:

  • diploma of Master of Science from Ural Federal University
  • diploma of Master of Science (Magister) from WSB University - diploma recognized in all EU countries and more

Program curriculum

Masters in IT (4 semesters, title of Magister)

Content within the specialization: mathematical statistics and R language, data visualization, Python language in data processing and internet data mining, introduction to data mining methods, practical aspects of data preparation, decision support systems, bio-inspired methods and algorithms, machine learning and deep learning, image and sound processing and recognition algorithms.

Selected directional content: infrastructure and cloud services, integrated management systems, design and modeling of IT systems using UML.

Selected basic content: databases and data warehouses, advanced numerical methods, computer arithmetic and automation theory.

Our study program is regularly consulted with representatives of the business environment - including employers of the largest companies in the IT industry, so you can be sure that after graduating from our program, you will gain knowledge, skills and competences that are a guarantee of success in todays the labour market.

We also regularly ask students of last semesters and our graduates what they specifically liked and disliked about the study program. Through such activities, we not only adjust the didactic offer to the needs of our students, but also give them a real influence and participation in shaping the program.

These activities bring noticeable results, as the engineering study program for the IT major has received the prestigious accreditation of the Accreditation Committee of Technical Universities (KAUT), and the EUR-ACE Label - an international quality certificate awarded to them.

Practical education

We understand that all acquired knowledge should go hand in hand with practice. That is why over 80% of our IT teachers have practical experience! You will be taught by certified experts, such as Cisco, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft. Thanks to them, after your studies you will obtain industry-recognized certificates, such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. We work with the best - lectures, exercises, trainings and workshops are conducted by representatives of companies such as Microsoft, Fujitsu, IBM, Netology, CloudTeam, VRTechnology and many others. During our meetings with practitioners, you will be able to personally meet and talk to interesting people and experts who will talk about their work with passion.


Partner University

The Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin  is one of the leading educational institutions in the Ural region of Russia. Ural Federal University acts as a research and innovation center of the Ural region and cooperates with the Russian Academy of Sciences. UrFU offers educational programs in four main areas of knowledge and 108 academic majors. There are actively developed links between the university and intermediate educational institutions. UrFU also consistently works on establishing strategic partnerships with employers for the sake of development of the regional economy: employers are involved in the educational environment as direct participants, enployers-sponsored and corporate education is carried out based on the client-centered approach, joint business projects are realized in economic and social areas.


Soukeyna - student of Data Scientist

IT studies at the double diploma with Ural Federal University and WSB University was really inspiring and the opportunities to develop oneself are enormous. During my studies, I participated in free Java programming training and Administering Windows Server workshops. I have managed to found a job in a large company even before graduation - thanks to a meetings with a practitioners organized by both universites. In addition, the approach to the student and their problems is really individual. In addition, people who teach the major and specialty subjects at the WSB Academy are mostly practitioners, so the content provided is not only in line with the latest trends on the market, but also very practical. I sincerely recommend studying at double diploma with Ural Federal University and WSB University.




Admission Process

  1. Visit the Online Application System website:
  2. Check the requirements of double degree with Ural Federal University program.
  3. Create an account in the Online Application System – please remember your login and password generated during the registration. They will be essential in the application process.
  4. Complete your personal data.
  5. Upload required documents – such as high school graduation diploma or bachelor's diploma and supplement with grades (all of those should have apostille stamp or consular legalization), scan of your passport, etc.
  6. Choose the programe double degree with Ural Federal University just by clicking "Join" button.
  7. Wait for online ionterview appointment with WSB University International Relations Office staff.
  8. Wait for the admission decision.
  9. Pay the application fee – you will find the details for payment in your Online Application System account. Certain notification will be visible there after the payment is received.
  10. Get your admission letter.

Admission requirements and selection criteria

Participating students in the program will be selected on the general basis of previous academic merits, motivation language proficiency and should fulfill the admission requirements of the both partner universities.

Admission requrements:

  1. Bachelor or master degree or equivalent recognized in both partner countries including the transcript of records along with the official translation into English or Polish language with legalization* (or apostille**).
  2. Language proficiency requirements: no language proficiency certificate is required, however intermediate command of English (B2) according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is required. Applicants command of English will be assessed in the course of an online interview and internal test of English conducted online ( advantage of native speakers of English, any previous degree accomplished in English or English B2 according to the requirements of the Common European Framework CEF).
  3. Scan of your international passport page with your photo and personal data.
  4. One personal photograph in jpg format along with one photograh in paper version.
  5. Health and Accident insurance policy covering the period of your education in Poland.
  6. Confirmation of payment of tuition fee.

Arrival to Poland


Admission fee: 200 Euro

Tuition fee sem from: special offer onyl till 15.08.2021 - 5000.00 EUR per academic year (regular price 7000 Euro per academic year)

Ural Ferderal University

Yana Aymasheva

WSB University

Paweł Urgacz

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