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Silesian Sustainable Business Summer School will commence between 18.07.2023 and 01.08.2023 and will consist of 3 phases: online pre-conference phase, on-campus summer school and a follow up online reflection meetings.  

Target group:

  • Udergraduate students
  • Graduate students

Credits - 8 ECTS

  • 1st phase:

    Online classes - 4 days – 3 ECTS
    18.07.23 - 21.07.23

During these online sessions, you will meet your teammates with whom you will spend the rest of the program, you will have the opportunity to interact with renowned experts who have made significant contributions to sustainable practices in various sectors including sustainable business. Through engaging presentations, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable business.

The following topics will be covered:

     - Sustainable business 
     - Design thinking and Presentation Techniques 
     - Team Building through the lens of technology 

  • 2nd phase:

    WSBU campus - 5 days – 3 ECTS
    24.07.23 - 28.07.23

During this transformative program, you will have the opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions, interactive workshops, and experiential learning activities led by experts in the field of sustainable business, management, IT, Medicine, Transport and Logistics. Our campus provides the perfect environment for you to connect with peers who share your passion and create lasting connections. Through case studies, group projects, and real-world simulations, you will apply your newfound knowledge to practical scenarios and develop innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. Our faculty members and invited guests, who are renowned experts in their respective fields, will guide and inspire you throughout this transformative journey. Your activities will include:

     - Lectures and workshops
     - Study visit
     - Trip around Silesian Region
     - Work with 3D Printers 
     - Official closing of the Programme with a Joined Dinner 

  • 3nd phase:

    Follow up reflection - 2 days – 2 ECTS
    31.07.23 - 01.08.23

By the end of this two-day online reflection, you will emerge with a clearer vision of how you can contribute to the sustainable business movement. You will have developed a final understanding of the programme and your contribution to it which aligns with your passion for sustainability, your professional goals and aspirations. We will go over the feedback survey, your opinion on the Sustainable Business Summer University and reflect back on all the funny moments we all had together. 


Fully Funded Scholarship Available for 30 participants!

3500 PLN* per student for the whole programme.

The Scholarship is aimed to cover such expenses as food, accomodation, travel, etc.

*approximately 770 EUR

Registration deadline - end of May!

The event is organised by the International Relations Office of WSB Univesity. For further information please reach out to Gabriela Węglarz -

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