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TUITION FEE FROM 899 EUR per semester*
ADMISSION FEE 250 EUR**Payment Information Apply


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Internationally accreditted:


Opportunity of semester abroad with:

Bachelor in International Relations – International Business, Trade and Marketing

Knowledge you acquire

If you are interested in the world around you, broadly understand globalization, you are not indifferent to the political and economic situation of our globe, and the prospect of working in an international environment is an interesting challenge for you, then you should definitely become a student of the interdisciplinary faculty of International Relations with International Business, Trade & Marketing specialization. Within International Business, Trade & Marketing specialization among others:

  • You will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international economic, social, political and legal issues of the selected regions of the world.
  • You will get to know functioning mechanisms of international relations and world economy.
  • You will find out about mutual relations of geographic environment, and political and economic phenomena.
  • You will learn issues related to international marketing and E-marketing.
  • You will acquire knowledge in the area of foreign trade, international financing and payment methods.
  • You will become acquainted with the question of cultural differences and their importance in business.
  • You will acquire skills and competences in the field of intercultural communication and negotiations.

Program curriculum

International Relations I-cycle (6 semesters, bachelor degree, 180 ECTS):

Content within specialization: international marketing and export, international contracts and negotiations strategies, E-marketing, international sales directions, documents in foreign trade, international financing and payment methods, organization, coordination and control of international marketing.

Selected filed content: world economy, political systems, international culture, international security, integration and globalization.

Selected basic content: economics, elements of law, introduction to international relations, demography.

Practical education

In WSB University, we understand well that knowledge should go hand in hand with practice. Therefore, the education concept in the faculty of Management at WSB University assumes a high degree of practicality based on the high competences of academic staff possessing both significant scientific achievements in the discipline of economic sciences, management and quality sciences, and practical professional experience gained in the international organizations. During regular meetings with the practitioner, you will be able to personally meet and talk to interesting people who will talk with passion about their work and share their experience.

We are convinced that knowledge and excellent competences gained at WSB University will make your professional career dynamic and your successes spectacular.


Ronaldo - Student From Colombia

In the time when global companies prevail on all fronts, getting a good, but also truly international education is really a must if you want to go for your own business or meet the global community needs. The International Relations program is that place where getting this broad education is actually possible. The teachers come from all over the world, so that's a plus when getting their diverse input on my ideas and plans, that really helped me a lot!