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MA in Management - Financial Management and Accounting

Knowledge you acquire

If you want to broaden your knowledge and acquire specialized skills in financial management and accounting, this second-cycle program is for you. The range of subjects complies with the requirements of the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), a prestigious international organization of finance, accounting and management specialists in more than 170 countries.

Any alumni who graduates with a degree in Finance Management and Accounting between 2024 and 2028 will be eligible for exemptions from the selected examinations if they apply for an individual certification in the areas of finance, accounting and management competence confirmed by ACCA. This applies to exemptions in four examination areas:

  • Business and technology - business and technology (BT)
  • Management accounting ( MA)
  • Financial accounting - Financial accounting (FA)
  • Corporate and business law – LW)

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After graduation, you will be able to:

  • conduct thorough financial analyses, also on the basis of management accounting instruments,
  • calculate investments effectiveness and the cost of financing together with the identification of the investment portfolio and the sources of financing,
  • create financial plans, estimate the level of financial risk and formulate conclusions and recommendations,
  • apply legal provisions to justify specific management actions and decisions,
  • creatively develop a strategy for the management of the future of the organization and financial management and strategic leadership skills,
  • work in a team and take a leading role in the team by leading the team’s work, including planning, organizing, motivating and controlling processes at an integrated level,
  • select appropriate methods and tools, including advanced information and communication techniques, describe and analyze problems in the different areas of the activity of the organization and its environment,
  • observe phenomena and processes in the field of financial management and accounting and analyze them critically and apply theoretical and practical knowledge to solve complex and unusual practical problems.


Program curriculum

Selected content of the study program

Education in the field of Financial Management and Accounting with a practical profile is divided into the following groups of subjects:

  • basic – which include business and technology, management accounting, financial accounting and corporate and business law,
  • field-related – covering accounting and financial reporting according to IFR standards, strategic business reporting, performance management, taxation, strategic business leadership, financial management, audit and assurance,
  • broadening specialized knowledge of advanced financial management, advanced performance management, advanced taxation, and advanced audit and assurance.

The program also includes a group of subjects which prepare for writing a thesis, a practical module covering, among others, internships and meetings with a practitioner, and a group of general subjects.


Practical education

In WSB University, we understand well that knowledge should go hand in hand with practice. Therefore, the education concept in the faculty of Management at WSB University assumes a high degree of practicality based on the high competences of academic staff possessing both significant scientific achievements in the discipline of economic sciences, management and quality sciences, and practical professional experience. The International Human Resources Management specialization is particularly focused on providing our students with useful, specialist knowledge, based on current global trends and corresponding to the challenges of contemporary global organizations. Classes will be an opportunity to meet and exchange views with great experts - practitioners, enthusiasts with many years of experience in international companies, who deal with the discussed issues in their daily work. We are convinced that knowledge and excellent competences gained at WSB University will make your professional career dynamic and your successes spectacular.


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