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Master in Management – International Business

Knowledge you acquire

If your aim is the work in international organization, you dream about the role of an effective manager, you want to manage a team and motivate it to effective and productive work, you think about running your own business or you are interested in broadly understood international business, you would like to get to know the world economy or the contemporary trends in economics, then these studies are an excellent option for you. As part of International Business specialization:

  • You will learn how the communication process in international and intercultural environment should run
  • You will see how globalization in the world economy looks like
  • You will learn about the situation of international financial markets
  • You will learn how to manage an enterprise on the international market
  • You will learn methods of household financial behavior analysis
  • You will get to know the ways to reduce the risk in the international commerce
  • You will gain knowledge in the area of creating sales strategies on international markets
  • You will become acquainted with international human resources management

Program curriculum

Selected content of the study program

Management, II-cycle (4 semesters, master degree):

Selected University-wide content: foreign language, protection of industrial property and copyright, digital transformation, team communication.

Selected basic content: modern trends in economics, application of statistical methods in business, commercial law, contracts in business.

Selected faculty content: enterprise management, business innovations, public management.

Content within specialization: communication in international and intercultural environment, globalization in the world economy, international financial markets, enterprise management on the international market, methods of household financial behavior analysis, reducing the risk in the international commerce, sales strategies on the international markets, international human resources management.

Practical education

In WSB University, we understand well that knowledge should go hand in hand with practice. Therefore, the education concept in the faculty of Management at WSB University assumes a high degree of practicality based on the high competences of academic staff possessing both significant scientific achievements in the discipline of economic sciences, management and quality sciences, and practical professional experience gained in the international organizations. During regular meetings with the practitioner, you will be able to personally meet and talk to interesting people who will talk with passion about their work and share their experience. We are convinced that knowledge and excellent competences gained at WSB University will make your professional career dynamic and your successes spectacular.