WSB University has been striving to implement the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers since 2015. During the first stage, before launching the formal procedure concerning the application for the Logo HR Award, the University put stronger emphasis on broader horizontal activities, namely:

  1. Reorganisation of the University in connection with the prospect of development, internationalisation, expansion of the scopes of activity and international cooperation;
  2. Intensification of scientific and research activities to ensure development and to obtain new academic credentials.
  3. Adaptation of the University's structure to significant legislative changes in the Polish legal framework, which regulates the operations and functioning of universities and academic entities.

Since 2015, the University has focused on several priority areas, which required concerted and intensive development efforts, namely internationalisation and expansion of its scope of activities, including the development of the educational offer and available forms of education; basing the above on the best international standards, as well as the requirements and needs of business, industry and social policy developing in Poland. To this end, the University made it a priority to apply for international and national projects (which has resulted in winning numerous implementation, educational and scientific-research grants, including within the framework of the Human Capital Operational Programme, Interreg, Erasmus+ programmes); to adjust the educational offer to the requirements and expectations of the changing labour market and to develop the offer addressed to international students, of whom more than 700 attend WSB University as of now.

At the same time, simultaneous to the reorganisation of the University, the need to intensify scientific and research activities in order to develop and strengthen the scientific potential of the University, and thus foster its ongoing development, was also recognised as a priority area. As a follow-up, numerous efforts have been made to obtain research grants, develop academic publishing and support our staff in their activities. The efforts to date resulted in numerous studies, very high scores in the parametric evaluation of the University, obtaining the right to confer a doctor's degree in three scientific disciplines and a post-doctoral degree in management and quality sciences. Eventually, this had led to the University obtaining the status of an academic institution of higher education, which has led to the name change from Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu to WSB University.

Having achieved the horizontal objectives related to the development of the University as an academic institution, the development of research and implementation activities and internationalisation, given the fact that WSB University has become a major academic and scientific entity in Poland, the work towards a comprehensive implementation of the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers became a natural consequence of the direction of development chosen by the institution. The aforementioned documents and their underlying principles are consistent with the stable development vision of WSB University, as well as its horizontal objectives; namely internationalisation, transparency of activities, participatory management and conducting scientific research of high cognitive value and international scope, while maintaining the highest substantive and ethical standards. In the pursuit of these objectives, the University places particular emphasis on comprehensive growth, as well as developing links and cooperation with the environment and providing employed researchers with a space characterised by freedom, security and comprehensive support in development, research, mobility and teaching tasks.

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