The deadline for diploma thesis submission is February 20, 2023

  1. The graduation thesis can be submitted in case when Student has received all credits (including curriculum differences and conditional exams). All grades have to be uploaded into the Virtual University Platform.
  2. The graduation thesis has to be verified and approved by the Supervisor through the JSA antiplagiarism system.
  3. Before submitting the thesis, the student is requested to contact with the Finance and Tuition fees Enquiry Office (Ms Monika Banach - Kokoszka, and University Library (tel. 322959356, in order to resolve any due payments or other arrangements.
  4. The thesis can be submitted in either of the two ways:
    - by registered post:
    The documents should be sent by registered post with the confirmation of receipt to the following address:
    International Dean's Office, WSB University, ul. Cieplaka 1c, 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland

    - in person at the International Dean’s Office (room 221):
    The documents can be submitted in person at the International Dean’s Office in the period to 20.06.2022 with due safety procedures, that is, you should be wearing a face mask, hand gloves and have your own pen to sign the documents. You should also keep the distance between other people waiting to submit the documents;

  5. Information on the date of your final thesis examination will be sent via email within 30 days.
  6. In case it is impossible for the student to submit the diploma thesis in the fixed deadline due to the failure to receive all the credits or the unfinished diploma thesis, the student shall submit the following applications by email to the International Dean’s Office (attachments):
    • Application to extend the exam session - in case the student is missing at least one of the required credits
    • Application to extend the deadline for diploma thesis submission - in case the student is missing the credit in diploma seminar course.
      To submit the extension of submitting the thesis student has to receive all grades in the system (diploma seminar excluded).
      The application has to be approved and signed by the supervisor (if it is impossible: an attached email with Supervisor’s opinion)

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