Open Academy of Science

The Open Academy of Science of WSB University is a series of classes popularizing science, aimed at expanding the educational program in high schools. Lectures and workshops for young people are combined with a presentation of WSBU. Students can choose from dozens of lectures and workshops in economic, technical, humanities, medical and social sciences. The lectures are conducted by qualified staff of WSB AcUniversity.

As part of the Open Science Academy project WSB University research and teaching staff give free lectures and workshops in various fields of science.

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  • Course offerings

    Temat Tryb Wykładowca
    Cultural differences and their importance in social and business life Stacjonarnie/ONLINE Barbara Borkowska - Kępska
    Steps from average to excellence

    Stacjonarnie/ONLINE Solomon Kunle Omogbemi 

    Mastering the basics Stacjonarnie/ONLINE 
    Starting your day right Stacjonarnie/ONLINE 
    Strategies for goal setting and achieving them Stacjonarnie/ONLINE 
    Learning to Take Risk       Stacjonarnie/ONLINE 
    T I M E Stacjonarnie/ONLINE
    Being Laser Focused Stacjonarnie/ONLINE 
    Discipline: Mastering the act and art of consistency Stacjonarnie/ONLINE 
    Developing a sound Emotional Intelligence Stacjonarnie/ONLINE  
    Protecting your Mental Healthy for Maximum Delivery Stacjonarnie/ONLINE  
    Język angielski współczesnym językiem globalnym.
    Czy jest gwarantem sukcesu i nadal będzie dominował w przyszłości?    
    Stacjonarnie/ONLINE  dr Łukasz Mencner 

    Spoken English. How to understand what they say? Stacjonarnie/ONLINE  
    Apps, online courses, web-based lessons and books - how to learn effectively? Stacjonarnie/ONLINE  
    English accents & dialects - short overview Stacjonarnie/ONLINE  
    The future of English? Lingua Franca or a forgotten dialect?
    Canada - the friendliest country in the world 


    Anna Szczepaniak

    Different countries, different English - odmiany języka angielskiego 
    How to write like Shakespeare and think like Sherlock - historyczne i literackie ikony kultury brytyjskiej
    Self-study - how to learn English at home in your pyjamas


How Does it Work?


Check out the offer - choose from 100 lectures and workshops led by academic lecturers and practitioners.

Topics include


  • Mastering the act and art of consistency
  • Mastering stage fright and stress.
  • ublic speaking workshops
  • Self-presentation - your way to success
  • Travel stress-free - security checks in civil aviation
  • Emergency medical services - profession or passion?
  • Everything you need to know about inflation - why do we have the inflation we have today and do we need to worry about it?
  • Checking in travellers (workshop)
  • Modern picking systems Pick by Point, Pick by Frame, Pick by Radar and Pick by Vision Isotonic, energy and other drinks ... what should we choose to keep our bodies working properly?
  • 7 secrets to passing the baccalaureate exam
  • How to get along - the art of good relationships



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As part of the Open Science Academy, you can choose to take classes at your school, at the WSB University or online.