Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute is a unit that operates in the most dynamically developing technological area of XXI century. In Poland, as well as in most European countries, investments in artificial intelligence are strongly accelerating and expenditures reach millions of euros, which opens great opportunities for the institute to develop and actively participate in this global process.

The scope of the institute's activities includes:

  • Studying the impact of artificial intelligence on the management and organization of business processes
  • Communication and relationship management in social media and on digital platforms
  • Cyber security and risk reduction methods in the online environment, research on the evolution and development of the cyber society
  • Digital technologies and their role in management processes as well as strategies for capturing and analysing digital data
  • Issues of marketing in the digital technology era
  • Use of digital technologies as a new dimension of education and building competitive advantage in the era of digitization
  • Enterprise 4.0 intelligence and digital culture
  • Developing a set of tools based on artificial intelligence algorithms allowing automatic generation in simulation systems of personalized training scenarios optimizing the process of learning for the trainee
  • Contact

    Grzegorz Kądzielawski, PhD




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